Digital Deepak Internship Program

My experience with Digital Deepak internship program

Did I even know until earlier this year what digital marketing is? The answer is no or may be a little bit. I am someone who has been exploring digital marketing in tits and bits over a couple of years and have been wanting to step into it. I used to search for articles and stuff on Google and end up signing up for email subscriptions from various sources to begin with. But, what next? Did I ever take an action to the tons of emails I was getting every now and then? Did I do anything meaningful out of those subscriptions? The answer is “No, I wasn’t”. Amidst the busy life, I had no clue where to start from and how to put my head into it and spend hours watching tutorials/webinars/videos to understand how and where to begin with.

Also, may be I was a little hesitant to step into this new field with a resistance to fail. I had always wanted to switch from my regular job to something convenient where I could work from home and look after my family and kid, whilst still enjoying the freedom of work hours and being an earning member. But, one question was how and where to start and what to do?

I finally decided one day (earlier this year) and held the courage to look more vigorously for something more powerful to help into digital marketing field and I ended up searching for digital Deepak.

I attended a webinar where Deepak sir explained the internship program he is running in multiple batches and the benefits attached to it. He also encouraged new aspirants to join the upcoming batch and become a part of the digital marketing internship team. I must thank God for letting me figure out about his internship program and that too at the right time when I was actively looking for something meaningful during these corona times.

My hesitation at first:

I can’t deny the fact that I was a little hesitant at first to invest a fees of something between 20 to 25K into an internship program where everything was virtual and I didn’t know where I was leading to and where I was investing. Whether to trust or give it a pass. Every penny matters. I did some research after the webinar and found good reviews about the program. With a heart and soul full of expectations I decided to invest into this program and give it a shot, thinking that may be it’s going to prove a life changing opportunity for me.

I must say that I don’t have any reasons to look back and regret my decision as everyday I am gathering new knowledge and information to help myself and very sure that sooner or later I will be able to bid a goodbye to the corporate world. I would like to throw some light on the various benefits I have achieved from this program as that might be helpful for other new aspirants too in case they are dicey to take a decision and unable to figure out why to go for Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Benefits of DigitalDeepak Internship Program:

  • I got the courage to initiate my journey into digital marketing as I always have a helping hand to guide me throughout the internship (which is around 3–4 months duration)
  • I got a clarity on various options I have in front of me when I plan to begin this new journey (I am sure you guys know that digital marketing includes multiple areas where you can work on depending on your interest. To name a few, content writing, social media ads, SEO, affiliate marketing, Google Analytics and so on)
  • You will have an opportunity to access videos, self created by Deepak sir on one topic each week where he explains the topic in details to help you understand the concept, right from the basic. It proves to be very helpful for beginners like me to understand the concepts
  • Post the access to such videos you get an opportunity to get on a webinar with Deepak sir where he would explain the assignment basis the video provided earlier. He shares the practical knowledge of applying the concepts and discusses the assignment in details
  • This follows by another Q&A session with a mentor who answers all our questions related to the video and makes it easy to implement the concepts. I am very thankful to the mentor assigned to our batch, Kamna Jain who has been super helpful throughout the journey. I can personally vouch for the clarity she has for the various concepts and her supportive and pleasant nature
  • This entire process, one thing at a time definitely makes me feel more regular and organized as I am not jumping into multiple things with a confused state of mind without knowing where I am heading to. The program has been designed in such a fashion that it gradually takes you through different concepts in a sequenced way, making it easy to grasp and implement
  • You get a first hand practical experience to the various digital marketing concepts
  • You will be a part of what’s app and telegram groups too where different interns have various ideas to share and mentors and interns are just a message away to solve your queries as you excel in your career
  • The mentors assigned during the program are super helpful and always willing to assist with any issues. You can reach out to them in person too via emails or messages and they will get back to you per the earliest convenience
  • It becomes so encouraging to be a part of a community of like minded people who are ready to assist whenever you ask for and very supportive
  • You will get an opportunity to get free licenses for some useful tools and design templates which otherwise cost you a hefty amount
  • Most importantly, you get a direction and that’s all what is needed to have a kick start and shape your future, isn’t it?
  • Not to forget, you get the cash back for every assignment that you submit (provided that the assignment is correctly submitted, which I am sure you would do with so much of hand holding and guidance)

We all pay in lakhs to get a college degree to shape our careers. Then isn’t this a career too? And, shouldn’t Digital Deepak be charging us for offering so much guidance and support all throughout? Moreover, you are getting a cash back for your own assignments that you are submitting. Isn’t it revolutionary?

There are so many digital marketer's all around, with so much of knowledge and information, but the problem is that it’s hard to get a practical experience through their videos and articles. Hence, digital Deepak internship program is one of it’s kind. If you are a digital marketing aspirant and willing to start a journey into this field with all your heart and soul, then this is the place for you. Also, if you are already into this field and willing to take your career to the next dimension, then also this program will offer you so much of information and guidance.

Not to forget, Deepak sir is one of the top 10 digital marketer’s in the country. I feel privileged to be a part of his internship program and be under his guidance.

To give a better understanding of the program, I am adding below week wise sessions that you will be getting and a glimpse of what you will be learning. I am definite that it will give you a good understanding of the program. But a small disclaimer to add here is that there may be some changes to this structure in the future. As more and more batches are coming by, this program is improving and getting better with every batch. Hence, you may get to see even more weeks or videos added to this in the future. 🙂

Week 1: Success Mindset

In the first week, you will get to understand the kind of mindset you need to have to get success and transform your life. You need to have that attitude to become successful. People who succeed have a different mindset which Deepak sir explains very nicely in the first week, which I’m sure will bring you out of the comfort zone.

He will tell you how to think differently and change yourself. How to change the way you think, have a positive mindset and much more.

Week 2: The Law of Marketing

In week 2 you will learn basics and fundamentals of marketing. You will learn about importance and techniques to work on your communication skills. You will also understand about marketing funnel in a better way along with the power of personal branding.

Week 3: Discovering your Profitable Niche 2.0

 Week 3 tells you about the importance of selecting a niche, how to select your niche and decide your career. Very important week as this changes your life and becomes the stepping stone to success.

Week 4: Creating your WordPress Blog

This week will empower you to create your own WordPress blog and what all goes behind the scenes. It will give you a kick start if you are the one who needs some practical knowledge and not just a certificate. Certificates don’t own any value unless you have a practical knowledge of how to do the job. Your website becomes your personal brand if created the right way. As it is said that the best way to learn is actually do it. This week empowers you to get started with your brand.

Week 5: Becoming the King of Content

Week 5 talks about how to become the king of content. How to make your personal brand powerful and work on the content while working on your niche to attract prospects. Useful details to help you create content to drive results. It also helps you with knowledge on SEO in content writing.

Week 6: Social Media and Networking Mastery

This week tells about how to build your social media network. Business is all because of community and tribe and that’s what you will dwell on and implement this week.

Week 7: Lead generation and email marketing

This week helps you understand your leads and various concepts around lead generation. This is definitely a very important concept and area in digital marketing as many companies hire you for your good lead generation skills.

Week 8: Mastering FaceBook Ads

Why to run face book ads and the basics of face book ads? This is what you will learn in week eight. It will give you a kick start to run your face book ads and prove to be a boon for many out there who are unable to step into this area just out of reluctance and resistance.

Week 9: Mastering Google Ads

Google ads and power of search is what you will get to learn in week 9. How to create campaigns on Google and YouTube and make it a success for yourself will be very nicely demonstrated by Deepak sir. You will learn the basics around Google Ads and figure out how to start.

Week 10: SEO

Importance of search traffic and knowledge around the search engines will be taught in this week. It tells how you can take your game to the next level by the right search engine optimization. (You may check out this article for free best SEO tool)

Week 11: Deep Marketing Automation

This topic is Deepak sir’s favorite and his expertise lies in this area. It will teach you the art and science of getting customers. How to do deep marketing which is the future of marketing. How to automate marketing and tools & techniques to be used.

Week 12 — Sales and Conversion

This week will tell you about deep sales and how to get the leads converted.

Post this you also get some bonus weeks to prove your success into any of the following: Personal Branding & Dream Job/ Affiliate Marketing/ Digital Freelancing/ Digital Mentoring. You get paid a good cash back if you prove to be successful. 🙂

To sum up, I will say that Digital Deepak internship program is something to fight for and if you are getting an opportunity to land into it, don’t miss it at any cost. You will definitely come out as a happier person by the time you finish the program. 🙂

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