Maintaining a healthy life

I know that we all are aware that one must lead a healthy and good lifestyle for staying strong and leading a good life. However, we hardly focus on what needs to be done.

Amidst our busy lifestyles, we hardly pay attention and focus on our key principles to a healthy life. These are simple & basic and anyone can follow them easily. It’s only the matter of devoting little time and effort and  bringing these to practice in our day to day lives.

Here I am mentioning a few key tips to a healthy and strong life. I hope you will not only read this but implement in your lives too.

  • Don’t take stress – This is one of the major secrets to a healthy and long life. If something is worrying you, open up to your close ones and pour your heart out. Sharing  helps you loosen it and brings down your stress level. Unnecessary stress can lead to various ailments and lifestyle diseases, to name a few like high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart ailments. So, think less and leave everything on God. It doesn’t mean though that you leave everything on him and don’t plan your life and tasks.😉 Understand what needs your focus & energy and what not.
  • Cultivate good habits – Bring some good habits into practice and nurture them every day. It could be anything, as small as getting up early every morning or going for a little walk everyday or doing some exercises each day or including healthy food in your diet. The choice is yours. Take one step at a time and soon you will find a lot of great habits as a part of your daily life.
  • Be optimistic – Never lose hope. I know you must be thinking that it’s easy said than done, but trust me that’s the key. You can’t do much even by losing hope and becoming pessimistic, so why not be optimistic. It’s better to be positive than negative. Why not leave everything on the supreme power and trust that he will surely do what is best for us.
  • Be passionate about what you do – Avoid indulging yourself into something you don’t enjoy. You might be in a situation right now where your means of livelihood is boring in itself and doesn’t bring you any joy. There is hardly much you can do about it. It’s not in everyone’s control to just quit what they are doing and move towards their passion.

    I know money matters. But, it is definitely in our control to devote sometime each day or every week towards something that we enjoy. It could be as simple as photography or painting or singing. The idea is to bring it into practice and going with the flow. It will take away all your worries and sadness for a while. Try it on your own.
  • Make sure to eat a rainbow every day🙂 What it means is simple. Try to include multiple colours in your diet each day. As per experts, 7 is the best number to aim for. There are tons of colorful fruits and vegetables which can be included in your daily food. These offer you with tons of nutrition (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) which are required for a healthy and long life.
  • Eat only 80% of your hunger – When you think you can eat a little more but you feel full, stop eating right away and keep your plate aside. It means that you don’t need any more food but it’s just your greed to eat more. Always leave some room in your tummy, don’t stuff it.
  • Eat less – it doesn’t mean that you need to starve. This is not the idea.🙂 Eat food which is high in nutrition value not in caloric value. It will fill your body with lots of nutrition and you will be healthy even if you eat less.
  • Exercise – we all know that exercise is one of the key things that we should practice in our lives. But do we actually do it? I have seen people saying that “we hardly have time for it, we are so busy”. I myself used to say the same until I fell ill and realized that I am just lying to myself and ignoring my health.

    Doesn’t matter if I exercise just for 20 minutes or one hour but we should make it a regular practice. It will help you stay fit and strong and you won’t have to rely on your children for help in your old age.
  • Meditate – Even if you can for just 10-15 minutes, try to meditate on daily basis. It makes you calmer and stress free. It helps you look inside yourself. Trust me, eventually the connection will be so strong that you won’t need an outside force to help you out and manage your issues. You will stay balanced and calm even in tough situations and come out of it happily. It’s my first hand experience. 🙂

Finally, I would like to end on a note by saying that there is no point if you don’t include even one of these habits in your lifestyle after investing a few minutes going through this article. Don’t procrastinate before it’s too late. Start from today!

I can’t wait to learn what you have started in the comments below. Do leave a comment. Stay healthy!🙂

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